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Market Destruction

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There appears to be more evidence of regulatory imbalance favoring market destruction over profit. When stocks move up IIROC surveillance pays attention and demands the Company justify the move. Meanwhile the short players are given a free pass on doing … Continued

IIROC is anti competition

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A new video from our friends at, Watching the Watchers. IIROC again demonstrates that they do not believe in competitive markets. This organization is entrusted with overseeing the Canadian Capital Markets, supposedly protecting the public while at the same … Continued

thoughts on the election

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Ivan Lo writes the Equedia Letter and always has some interesting views on global and domestic politics as well as the potential ramifications

IIROC & Regulatory Headlines

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Where is the balance between protecting the public and a healthy Canadian Capital Market? Canadians need to decide if they want job and wealth creation in the mix or are we to be treated like a flock of sheep led … Continued

AMEBC submission to the BC Gov

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AME BC’s RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA’S 2016 BUDGET Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services – September 21, 2015 The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) is pleased to provide the Select Standing Committee … Continued

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