Shane Nyquvest speaks out for the Independent Brokers

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Executive VP Shane Nyquvest from Mackie Research, one of the few remaining independent firms in Canada speaks out on the problems facing the Venture Markets. The most honest and straight forward opinion that I have ever heard. I agree with everything that he said.
This is a national tragedy currently in motion, like a slow motion car accident, with no main stream media coverage. Thousands of current and future jobs are at risk. Costly, unnecessary regulations are impeding Canadian’s democratic rights in a manner that mimics police states, past and present. The Canadian Public has been conned into believing that these regulations are “protecting the public”. From what? All public companies are audited, vetted and under full disclosure obligations. It seems that security regulators consider Canadians too ignorant and stupid to make their own decisions.
Real-estate, casinos, lotteries, selling Porsches to learners, etc. are deemed appropriate. Suitability has never been an issue in other sectors of the economy except the Capital Markets. Venture offers the potential job and wealth creation to an economy that needs to diversify and innovate. Instead of being nurtured, it is suffocated by regulators that operate with no oversight.
Please give Shane a listen and distribute this to anyone you know.